Season 2 episode 12


Hamilton Burger seems to have a airtight murder case. Will Perry Mason lose?


Con man and swindler/Professional diamond cutter Hans a compulsive gambler....with little luck and a great big debt to pay off...or else...His solution is to trick his current girlfriend into selling a valuable diamond to him with a power of attorney [for himself]; pretend to shatter the diamond and than sell the stone for whatever price he can without even paying the original owner the nominal sum for selling the stone. The only problem is...he turns up dead..Hamilton Burger seems to have a airtight case...the murderer is Breel's wife from Chicago from whom he stole a large sum of money...and that after she killed him she took the diamond to sell it to get back some of her lost money...on court it is revealed that her marriage is not legal..since he already had a wife in Holland. Mason however by questioning reveals that the real killer is the girlfriend...who killed him not just because he tried to cheat her...but because he was going to run out on her...and she still loves him! [it appears love like justice is not the only thing that's blind!] At the end the real diamond is successfully cut....but no mention of the Chicago Mrs. Breel getting anything for her lost inheritance.